My main interest as an artist is to deal with the ideas of futility, memory transformation and time recording methods.
We break time in years, months, days, hours etcetera, to set cycles of time that are common to everybody. If we can arrange time in specific periods we can fill them with precise activities familiar to everybody and start talking about time set in terms of productivity: work schedules, business goals, appointments, etc. However, sometimes these very strict relationships of time and actions detach us from experiencing reality, which is not divided in time sets.
 The idea behind my art practice is to reformulate these time representations in ways that don’t standardize human experience under the same circumstances.
Developing our own way of measuring time means creating our own notion of history and developing new rituals where time can be practical and playful, where faith and mechanics can interact, where procedures can become purposeless and where movement is not understood by distance traveled but by the change of a state of mind.
 By doing this, the objective of an action becomes as important as the faith that relies on the ritual, so not everything is about succeeding or making things “on time”, so we can learn to focus on the transformation process between action and reaction in a certain event. Whatever happens between A and B is as important as A or B.
 The proposal is to overlap physical and psychological time through a mark making process that shows the impact of a mental state in a physical space, recording a specific kind of internal vibration that juxtaposes with the mechanical time representation of a clock.