Peformance (2011)

The Idea. September 9th 2010

I put a quarter inside of one of my shoes.  I will walk with it waiting for it to appear in my dreams. It is an exercise of transforming matter and sensation into memory and knowing how to get access to it.

The Dream.  January 8th 2011

It is late night at my parents’ house. My mother is telling my father that my sisters and me never listen to her advice.

I approach to her crawling, she spits a metal ball over my hands and I start to knead it. After a while, the ball turns in to a soft twenty-five cents coin, it is like a metallic bubble gum that floats in my hands. I throw it and slide through the floor to catch it in the air.

A small – scale version of my sister is running in the garden, she sees me and hides in a hole in the wall.

I open the door of the garage, the coin keeps floating and getting bigger, I throw it again and my dead dog appears trying to catch it.