A Tower of Nothing (version 1)

2017 – Installation 

(6.5 x 9.2 ft)


A tower of nothing is a compilation of bits and pieces that I´ve archived and intervened as part of the process of developing art projects during the last ten years. By placing them together in this installation they become their own thing, they  get detached from the works they precede and become new originals.

What we see is the raw material of an aesthetic investigation that exposes the relationship between the final piece and its process.

This time consuming relation with common objects and sketches ends up becoming a puzzle that denies an easy answer and makes evident the tension during the creation of an art work .


3 drawings based on the idea of the repetition of a line. Ink on paper 17×11 inch

3 drawings unrelated to any specific idea.  Ink on paper  6×4 inch

2 drawings inspired on trees shadows. Ink on paper 3×7 inch

2 Scraps from a world map that resemble mountains.

2 rocks  intervened with black ink that were collected while walking to my work.

2 bejuco sticks intervened with black ink. (Bejuco was a common material  in Mexico for making chairs)

1  intervened book page (The Aleph – Jorge Luis Borges) ink on paper 7×5 inch

1  intervened photograph taken in Long Island during the winter of 2011. 4×6 inch

1 photogram done in Mexico City during spring of 2014. 4×6 inch

1 slide from taken from my father´s investigation as a doctor. 2×2 inch

1 photograph taken from my father´s investigation as a doctor. 4×2.5 inch

1 cyanotipe negative. 11x 9 inch