Installation 1.5 m x 2.4 m

12 Drawings over dry leaves and 9 photographs.



This installation is composed by a series of drawings done over dry leaves from the ornamental plants of my apartment and old photographs of different types of landscapes taken by my parents over the decades of the sixties and seventies.

As photographs create marks in time and drawings create marks in space, one evokes the past while the other focuses in the registration of an action. Both elements find a common ground in their attempt to track down something that no longer exists either by nostalgia or because of fugacity. In this sense, they are paths that go back to themselves over and over until they fade away.

My parent´s photographs combined with the drawings I made establish a link among a past that constantly tries to come back, and a vanishing present. Just as the landscape that calls for nature while it perishes and renews almost at the same time.